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Covid-19 Information

During the Covid-19 pandemic, speech-language therapy will be offered remotely, through telepractice.

This action is in keeping with the recommendation of the College of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists of Ontario, which advises that SLP services that can be delivered virtually should continue to be offered this way.

While teletherapy meets the needs of the vast majority of clients, some may prefer, or benefit further from, face-to-face sessions in the clinic. Please be assured that careful planning is currently underway for the safe and gradual resumption of on-site services. As per The Ontario Ministry of Health, the following steps will be taken at that time:

Even though future access to the clinic will be restricted to individuals who pass both COVID-19 and temperature screenings, flexibility in timing and the need for remote sessions will be necessary once limited in-person visits are underway. When on-site visits resume, teletherapy will continue to be available, and in most cases, preferable.